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Aion - Europe
Your Source for the Cheapest AionE Currency

We have worked hard to develop a safe delivery method over the last few months in AION. We are now delivering kinah via mail or face to face.

Our gold is farmed by experienced gamers in the US and is completely safe. We are working to build up our kinah stock, for now we will deliver all the kinah we have and then work to finish your order in the next 1-24 hours depending on the size of the order.

Aion - Europe [change]


  This is the last 500 orders we have completed delivery on, and the time it took to complete that delivery from the point that it hit our delivery queue until the time it was closed.

  This does not include the timeframe between ordering and completion of the verification process if it was necessary to verify the order.
# 500 Orders %
287   1 hour or less 57.4 %
113   1 to 12 hours 22.6 %
32   12 to 24 hours 6.4 %
24   1 to 2 days 4.8 %
34   2 days or more 6.8 %

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