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About MMO Kings

MMO Kings is a service for massively multiplayer online game’s (MMOG) virtual currency and assets which provides gamers with fast transactions, 24-hour customer service and guaranteed transaction security. is also dedicated to improving these gamer services and fostering a more enjoyable gaming experience.

As players ourselves from the days of Ultima Online to the emergence of new games such as Lord of the Rings Online, MMO Kings has learned what players need and expect in a currency service. From quick and easy purchasing options to reliable delivery terms, we know what you want! We strive to maintain high standards in all aspects of our business and have worked hard to do so for over 4 years as a gamer-oriented provider.

Founded in 2003, MMO Kings first emerged on the scene as an Ebay™ and Player Auction™ seller of Star Wars Galaxies, Shadowbane and Lineage 2 currencies. Since that time we have proven ourselves as a dependable source for MMOG currency by being here every day and every night, serving our fellow gamers! Just like you, we work hard and play hard!

We appreciate all the hard earned money you spend on our services and it is our mission to deliver friendly and excellent service to you in return. If you have any questions or thoughts regarding our site please feel free to contact us via our live chat or by email at

Thanks and good luck on your adventures!

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